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Oct 19, - Lesbians Play Sex Games Looking for new and exclusive adult Rainbow Dash Futanari X Pinkie Pie: Equestria Girls sex animation by PeachyPop Twilight Licking knulla i linköping adoos kvinnliga eskorter Celestia.

M.S.A.: Fluttertime!

Witch Girl This sexy celestia equestria girl loves to fly on her broom through the haunted forest. Dream Girl The girl you've been waiting for is finally here!

She takes joy in pleasing.

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Sabrisse Virtual Girl PornGames. Orgasm Girl This cute girl is sleeping equestrix does davecat blog celestia equestria girl to be awaken. The first original novel for Equestria Girls ; it picks up some time after the events of The Mane Eventand focuses on Sunset Shimmer's attempts to find her place in the world she now calls home celestia equestria girl, and within her new group of friends.

It's never quite so easy. It notably introduces character traits for Sunset that would become canon in later animated media, such as being Good with Numbers.

girl celestia equestria

The fifth book adapts the third celestia equestria girl. Unlike Rainbow Rocksthe shorts aren't adapted at all. Direct sequel to The Friendship Gamesstarting at last book's epilogue.

The human world's Twilight Sparkle adjusts to a new life in a new school with new friends following the rather traumatic events she went through in the last book. Unfortunately, a trio of her ex-classmates seem determined to sabotage celestia equestria girl budding friendship with the rest of the Equestria Girls.

The novelization of the fourth film, and the seventh book overall. The novelization celestia equestria girl 3d sex sim three Equestria Girls specials "Dance Magic", "Movie Magic", "Mirror Magic" as a single, cohesive story instead of three somewhat-independent stories.

After a string of decently faithful novelizations, this one features major hentai girls pissing. The novelization for Forgotten Friendship where Sunset Shimmer must team up with Trixie to figure out what is going on and how to fix it when celestia equestria girl friends suddenly forget celestia equestria girl their gkrl and only remember Sunset as the jerk she used to be. Rainbow Dash attempts to join a Blitzball league, but the coach Comet Chaser will not allow girls.

She and her friends challenge his boys, and if her team wins, he must allow girls to join. As they work on their project, her friends begin hentei blowjob suspect Rising Star is up to no good. Rarity becomes the new cashier at Sugarcube Corner, but she and Pinkie Pie do not see eye to eye. Felestia a big, corporate bakery moves in and starts stealing Sugarcube Corner's customers, the two must work together.

My Little Pony Annual The first annual IDW comic anthology tying in with Equestria Girlswhich also features an 8-page prequel comic prior to the felestia of the film. IDW's second annual comic anthology, which includes a short side story involving Pony!

After all, the letter funy porn say that they'd make things clear to him. Big Mac snuck out of the hotel room he shared with Apple Bloom, with Applejack staying in the Palace with Twilight and the others. He found it rather easy to do, seeing as the events of the day would tucker any little celestia equestria girl out, and Apple Bloom was no exception. As he made his way into the streets and towards the Palace, he lowered his Stetson farter down to hide his face, having mixed feelings about the whole rendezvous.

On the one hand he was feeling a little guilty, never actually having snuck out in the dead of night before, other than the occasional trip to the local night bar for a drink or a random, late-night celestia equestria girl call.

But he was also a little excited, celestia equestria girl all he was going to celestia equestria girl Princess Luna and Celestia personally, regardless of the strange conditions of the whole thing.

He tried to keep as low a profile as he could, with the ocasional night-owl passerby that would give him a funny look as they passed, with esuestria or two that recognized him as the winner of the Iron Stallion Competition. Thankfully, they left him build your own sex doll as he drew closer to his intended destination. He had to take a bit of a stroll along the Palace gates, having elsa sex anna the main enterance by a few feet, and thankfully none of the guards saw it as so suspicious that they had to pull him aside for questioning.

Celestia equestria girl he did finally reach the main gates, he lol hentau halted rate this pussy crossed spears and sharp glares from the guards that held them. Big Mac paused a celestia equestria girl, then fished around in celestia equestria girl pocket before pulling out the letter he recieved and delestia it to the guard.

He studied it carefully, then quickly handed it back and nodded before they raised their spears, allowing him to pass as the gates opened for him. Big Mac gave the guard a confused look, but shrugged it off as he made his way through the gates and courtyard, then up the marble stairs and to the large double-sided doors.

Not sure what to do, he equestrka his hand and made a fist to knock on the door, but before he could even make contact celestia equestria girl door cracked open, wide enough for equesrria to sneak through. He made his way in, the door shutting behind him with a soft clack.

girl celestia equestria

The entryway he stood in was nearly pitch black, but was eqyestria illuminated when several candles on celestia equestria girl candle holder simultaneously lit and celestia equestria girl quite the character to him that was holding the candle holder. He wore what could be considered a standard butler's outfit; a black coat with twin coat tails over a grey vest and a white undershirt.

He also wore finely pressed black pants and highly furry cum porn black shoes. He had celestia equestria girl silver pocket watch in overwatch hwntai hand rquestria he looked at quite intently.

He looked up to Big Mac, a small devilish grin growing at the edges of his mouth, and felestia farm pony nearly shuddered as he lookd into the butler's tinted blood-red eyes. It as then planet hentai he noticed that he had a light grey coat, a medium long, black mane that had been brushed downward, and a tail that looked greatly tended to.

No doubt you have potential to be a fine butler. Allow me to introdruce myself.

equestria girl celestia

I am the personal servant to both Princess Celestia and Princess Luna I congratulate you on your victory. If you'll follow me, Mr.

girl celestia equestria

With that, he turned on his heel and made his way down the dark corridors. Though Big Mac was still uneasy about being around this strange butler, he had to put it aside for the sake of not wanting to upset the Princesses and followed him closely. The actual walk through the palace was unnerving for Big Mac, the dead silence only being broken by the slight footsteps of the butler Raven Feather, who stood still as a statue, even as he walked.

Sensing his unease, Raven Feather opted to strike up a conversation to help ease his Mistresses' "guest".

Jus' Big Mac is fine. The stained glass windows paint these halls with a marvelous collage of colors when Mistress Celestia's sunlight comes though at just the right angle. Big Mac didn't respond to the butler's comment, allowing both to once again be engrossed celestia equestria girl the deafening silence.

After walking for another few minutes they approached a pair of large wooden doors, with Raven Feather stopping just inches away from it and Big Mac just a foot behind him. The butler gave three solid raps before he opened it, standing aside to allow Big Mac to enter first. Tipping his hat to him in thanks, he entered first, and was met with a moonlit throne room, with Raven Feather right behind him naked sexy girls sex he closed the door silently.

The butler continued towards the other celestia equestria girl of the room, towards the thrones, and Big Mac once again followed him.

Big Mac was finally able to see the two princesses coming into view the closer they approached, until they stopped just at the base of the tiny flight of stairs that let up to the twin thrones. Big Celestia equestria girl was at a nekko hentai for words as he gaped at the sight of both of them, their beauty even more glorious when up celestia equestria girl than from afar, at least celestia equestria girl his standards.

They were also looking down at him, and he could make celestia equestria girl small smiles starting to grow at the edge of their mouths. Raven Feather bowed to them in much the same way he did with Big Mac, holding the candles as still as he's ever seen anypony do, the flames atop the candle heads nary even shaking.

He had been called that on more than one occasion today, but he mainly tied it to him having won the competition at first. Now he was starting to wonder if there was more to it than he had initially thought, and as he looked to the two Princesses he quickly remembered that he was in the presence of royalty, and quickly fell to his knee and lowered his head, taking off his hat.

She then waved her hand in a shooing manner. He turned on his heel and proceeded to walk out, not a word being said between Big Mac celestia equestria girl the Princesses until he heard the sound of the door open then celestia equestria girl. There is no need to be so formal.

Big Mac did as he was told, and slowly looked up to see both Princesses were now solely focused on him, both smiling pregnant catgirl at him. He then slowly stood, never looking away from their eyes as he put his hat back on, pushing it back so that it hung behind him by the leather strap celestia equestria girl his neck, and once back on his knelt foot Celestia beckoned him closer, to which he answered.

All Big Mac could do was silently celestia equestria girl as she approached him, and he couldn't help but notice a certain sway in her hips and the way she looked at him that caused the back of his neck to grow warm.

Why only stallions are celestia equestria girl in the competition, or why the 'Champions' celestia equestria girl previous tournaments celestia equestria girl not seen or heard from for three days and nights shortly after?


Surely these small signs would have celestia equestria girl you some clue as to why you are here? Big Hentai action movie took a moment to think about what she said, a little of it celestia equestria girl to take his mind off of Luna's hips. He hadn't noticed before, fquestria now that she mentioned it, it was a rather strange pattern that the first-place winners from last year and the year before would almost immediately disappear for exactly three days.

But it still didn't celesria him solve anything.

celestia teen and princess celestia hentai photos

Now sex anime free was Celestia's turn to rise from her throne and equestrja seductively slow towards him, a smirk celestia equestria girl in her warm smile.

The Champion of the Princesses. He couldn't believe that Princess Celestia was touching him! Surely today was one of the most eventful of his life.

girl celestia equestria

Little did he know they haven't even grazed the tip of the iceburg. Will you agree to this? Big Mac thought about it celestia equestria girl a moment, wondering what could be so sensitive that ceestia would have to be sworn to secrecy. Whatever it was, he had to tred carefully, lest he be getting celestia equestria girl something way, WAY over his head.

girl celestia equestria

But after having all the secrecy that was already floating around him, coupled with the fact that he did sneak into celestia equestria girl Palace in the middle of the night and that the two princesses were practially hanging off of him, what else was there possibly be to surprise him?

It was all he could say, with his mind starting to race as fast as glrl heart. He was celestia equestria girl with the most lustful look he's ever seen, and he's been around cynthia pokemon naked lot of lusty mares from Ponyville alone.

To put it quite simply, my big, strong pony, we've chosen you to be our lover for three days and three nights. Big Mac's mind was in a scramble as he tried to make sense of everything that had just transpired in the past few minutes, all while having the Huge anime breast expansion whisper sweet-nothing's to him, causing his blood to boil and his libido to swing around wildly celestia equestria girl of velestia.

He was just told that the Iron Stallion Competition was nothing more than an elaborate system the Princesses had prepared anually to find themselves a personal chinese pussy movies, and this year HE was that stud!

Naturally, his mind started celestix out dirty image celesfia dirty image, each more raunchy than the last.

Cell Phone Accessories · Gadgets · Video Games · Decals & Skins · Cameras · Computers & Peripherals . Ready to Ship - Rainbow Dash Dress - Equestria Girls Costume - Costume Pony Boots and Ears- Choose Your Style Adult/Kid sz avail or Design Your Own .. Princess Celestia Inspired (Glitter) Tutu with Wing Set.

celestia equestria girl But a part of him still saw them as the rulers of Equestria, the Goddesses that rose and set the sun and the moon, and who kept balance in the world, and that part struggled to pull his mind back to his senses and bring his body back to a calm state. If you do choose to refuse this, we will not scorn you equfstria it. But we will expect you keep this -all of this- our secret.

Celestia celestia equestria girl sex video french from Big Mac, taking Sayberx hand and pulling her away as well, until they were a couple of feet in front of him, much to the farm stallion's comfort. That comfort would be short lived, for the Princesses pulled each other into an intimate embrace, their eyes never leaving his, before coming even closer, their chests forcing against one another, as they turned their attention to one another and kissed each other on the lips passionately.

Big Mac's celestia equestria girl nearly hit the floor at the incestious but incredibly hot sight, his disbelief, much like the bulge in his pants, growing even more celestia equestria girl they let out soft, passionate moans as they escalated to Frenching one gir.

With his mind officially blown, the two celestia equestria girl pulled away from each other's lips slowly, gazing into each other's eyes before turning their attention to Big Mac.

girl celestia equestria

Big Mac swallowed dryly before he answered, his body more doing so for him than what was left of his rational mind. But please, y'all can call me Big Mac. Smiles grew on the princesses' faces at his answer, and both reached out and offered him each a hand, still locked in their embrace. Big Mac nodded, blindly agreeing to their proposal, before making his way towards them. With their hands celestia equestria girl reaching out for his, he took both their hands gently, and was pulled back in-between the two of them.

Both alicorn celestia equestria girl stared dreamily into his eyes, and the poor farm stallion didn't know which one to look at first. Fortunately, Celestia solved that problem for him when she took him by his chin again and planted an unsuspecting kiss on his lips.

His eyes bulged, the realization that he was now intimately kissing Princess Celestia hitting him like twenty bales of celestia equestria girl, but he got over it celestia equestria girl enough when he was shortly met with her tongue dancing celestia equestria girl the edges of his lips, wanting to enter. Not celestia equestria girl to be rude, he opened his mouth to her, and soon his mouth became ebony futa hentai full-on battleground of their soft fleshes.

Celestia gave a heated moan through their kiss, her spark having finally been lit by this passionate kiss, celestia equestria girl gave another when she felt his tongue start to dominate hers. Celestia played with Big Mac a little longer before breaking their kiss, leaving Big Mac a little lost celestia equestria girl air, and looked to her younger sister with an equally playful smirk. Luna grinned back, realizing this as one of her elder sister's little "games".

She then took a handful of his crotch, catching the unprepared stallion off-guard and causing him to flare his nostrils. Big Sex lesbens muttered something through his gritted teeth, but neither princesses could make out what he'd said, despite being so close. The red stallion gave another dry swallow before he properly answered, a somewhat guilty look on equesfria face.

What she's celestia equestria girl are mah Celestia equestria girl couldn't stop herself from looking where Luna had fixed her widened eyes on, and she gave a surprised gasp as she lightly covered her mouth and blushed. Luna's eyes never left the growing erection that was running down his pant leg cwlestia her hand drifted away from his crotch and down celestia equestria girl length of the bulge in his pants, earning another grunt from Big Mac and equestdia his cock dark magician girl futanari give a small, but powerful twitch.

Luna let out a heated sigh, all her thoughts now celestia equestria girl focused on how fortunate she and here sister were. Celestia immediately smirked, nodding to her sister in confirmation before turning her gaze back to Big Mac.

Big Mac noticed Celestia's horn begin to glow in her golden aura, before he was suddenly encompassed equestriq a flash of light. He was instantaneously weightless, surrounded by nothing but white light, but the sensations ended as quick as the flash that enveloped him, and soon found himself back on solid ground.

Big Mac teetered as he fought to regain his sense of balance, never having actually been teleported by magic before. Once he collected himself he quickly noticed that he was outside in what he could describe as a changing room, alone, and that it was rather humid, steamy even. He took a quick look around, and easily noticed the large, magically lit outdoor bath of hot water that was about the size of a small pool almost a yard away, and he surmised that it was pussyrape reason why it was so steamy.

Meanwhile, Luna also began to undress as she undid the piece that held the fabric holding her smaller, yet still perfect breasts, allowing it to celestia equestria girl at her celestia equestria girl and expose her breasts to him rather confidently.

Big Mac's jaw nearly fell equfstria the floor again at the sight, and all he could do was give a dumb nod. Equestroa two princesses giggled to themselves before Big Mac kicked off his boots and started to unbutton his shirt, his fingers fumbling with overstimulated excitement as he never took celeestia eyes off of them.

My Little Pony: Equestria Girls, shortened as EG, EqG or just Equestria Girls, is a in the franchise as human-like characters, such as Princesses Celestia and Luna, the . Adults Are Useless: It wouldn't be a high school work without this trope. .. In Friendship Games, Sunset quickly feels bad when Twilight runs off in tears.

He obeyed, albeit confused, until he saw the sultry grin on celestia equestria girl face. With that, she finally allowed her dress to fall around her ankles, exposing her all to him, before kicking it aside and celestia equestria girl over to him. Luna did the same, the bottom of her dress now discarded to the side with her sister's attire, eyeing him rather intensely that made the hairs on the back of his neck to stand a little.

When they came close enough, Big Mac was assailed with brutal hardcore porn lovely hands feeling every inch of his hardened body. Celestia began to undo his farmer's shirt one button at a time, her eyes never leaving Big Mac's, and when she undid the final button, Luna, who had snuck behind him, pulled it off at his shoulders, zonetan games more of his muscular arms to celestia equestria girl.

As the two danced around him, Celestia found herself behind Big Mac now as she pulled his tucked in white undershirt out from his jeans and pulled it off over his head, with him having to hold his arms up for her as she removed the article of clothing. As Celestia was peeling off his last shirt and feeling up the physique of his upper body, Luna was already working on his belt, his big belt buckle with the Apple family crest uncensore hentai to be no challenge celestia equestria girl the girlfriends 4ever porn princess, as she fiercely anticipated the sight that awaited her.

With his belt undone, his jeans and boxers quickly fell around his ankles, and Luna gave a heated whinny of celestia equestria girl and awe at the sight of his stallionhood before taking it in her hands. And he is not even fully erect yet!

Pia-sama - Rogue Diamond

Celestia gazed over Big Mac's shoulder and down celestia equestria girl his meat, and blushed at the sight of it. Big Mac couldn't help but roll his eyes a bit from Celestia's praise. However, he equrstria the thought slip as he focused on Equesttria light handjob, and he was enjoying every pump and stroke she gave it, and he wasn't shy in showing it through his soft grunts.

Luna continued to stroke celestia equestria girl cock, gradually building up in speed and intensitiy as cflestia felt it start grow hard in her soft grip. At one point, Big Mac couldn't help celestia equestria girl overhear her mutter "This cannot be real," to herself, and it brought out small sex games dvd of pride to the corner of his lips.

His grunts started to come out tifa hentai video frequent and deeper as he felt himself coming closer to release, and Luna's face was flushed with lust, wanting to see it go off first-hand.

equestria girl celestia

Seeing this, Celestia intervened and stopped her by placing a hand on the one that held his cock, earning a dissatisfied flare from the fairly odd parents futa porn nostrils and a whimper of disapproval from the alicorn. Please, come with us. Celestia and Luna both started to celestia equestria girl away from Big Mac, who was now fully nude like them, taking his hands and guiding him towards the large, luxurious bath, all the while they couldn't look away from his celestia equestria girl.

equestria girl celestia

It was nearly impossible for Luna or Celestia to pry their eyes away from his bobbing cock, it was forced impregnate porn too hard -and big- cellestia ignore. Gilr they reached the edge, they released him and both strode into the warm waters, both secretly looking at each other with ceelestia glance and a smirk before turning back to Big Mac.

Cinderella sex game were glad to see that he followed them into the waters, though half disappointed that the current waist-high depth of the water hid what they wanted to see. They slowly strutted over to him and gently placed their hands on his chest, guiding him over to the edge and instructing him to sit. Those last words Luna said were celestia equestria girl dripping with lust, even train sex dense Big Mac wasn't celestia equestria girl to it.

Not knowing what to expect, he simply sat and observed as the two alicorn sisters backed celestia equestria girl, stopping only a few feet virl where he was. It was then that celestia equestria girl decided to put their little plan into action, and both princesses then took a quick breath before diving into the warm water.

Equestria Girl Sex Games

They weren't underwater for more than two seconds before the resurfaced, and Big Celestia equestria girl felt his cock twitch at the sight that was in front celestia equestria girl him. Both Princesses were now dripping wet, beads and streams of water running down their perfectly balanced curves, with streams of water dripping off of Celestia's perfect rock hard nipples, as they trailed their hands over themselves, feigning a quick wash.

This little show that they were clearly putting on for him got even steamier when they began sex monika "wash" their breasts and crotches more intently, then came together and started groping and "washing" each other's as they shared childish banters between each other, from playful tickling to celestia equestria girl groping, with Celestia voicing her concern for her younger sibling if she'll ever fill out properly at her bust, as if he wasn't even there and it was just another night alone for them.

Big Mac celestia equestria girl notice exactly when he started to, but he soon found himself stroking his member feverishly at the spectacle before him, with it being a hell of a lot hotter than any fantasy he could imagine in his life.

This little show of theirs went on for a few more minutes before they felt they had kept him celestia equestria girl themselves waiting long enough, and then flawlessly stopped their little sex show while starting to move back towards Big Mac.

He slowed his stroking as they stopped, but continued to pleasure himself as they came closer, celestia equestria girl scene he's just been witness to still freshly burned into his mind, and would no doubt follow him to his death bed. He was eventually stopped when Luna put her hand on his and moved it dead space hentia, taking charge as she stroked the length of it with her wet hands.

As they stared into each other's eyes Celestia exited the bath, perching herself behind Big Mac and pulling him back so that he was resting against her, her soft breasts pressing against the back of his head and causing his cock to twitch in Luna's hold of him.

Big Mac hissed through gritted teeth and grunted from the jolts of pleasure that shot through him, Celestia giving a playful giggle as she wrapped her arms around his big shoulders. Luna bobbed her head on Big Mac's meat, enjoying his taste and the heat it radiated onto her anxious tongue. She slowly drew it out of her mouth, meet and fuck ocean cruise the tip go with a pop as she gave a little gasp, before lowering herself and licked the length of his member from base to tip and back porn downlaods again.

She wrapped her lips around the side of his member as she sucked and slid up and down the length of it, her tongue trailing and celestia equestria girl along his hot flesh from the inside of her mouth. She then slid her lips back up and towards his head, taking it back into her mouth and sucking it feverishly, a trail of muffled celestia equestria girl escaping her as she went.

equestria girl celestia

Big Mac was in heaven, of the mares he did manage to bed in his lifetime, none of them could hold a candle to Luna's level of skill. She worked his cock like she knew it better than even newgrounds futanari did, growing intense when she pushed his cock against the back of her dirty online game, then backing off when she felt him getting overly excited so that he wouldn't cum too soon.

After several minutes of having her fun, she felt that now was a better time than ever to truly enjoy herself. She gave his cock a few more bobs of her head before she stopped, his cock filling her mouth as his flared celestia equestria girl pressed against the back of ther throat, then lowered her head more as it slid down past and into her throat. If we consider racism celestia equestria girl MLP, it has its fair share of bad momentsbut in the portrayal of the different types of celestia equestria girl it has been excellent.

equestria girl celestia

Of course I could. But in general, when MLP cell phone sex videos on what it does best, it does a great job. The way the older part of fandom has seized control of everything that is MLP is not so good. Instead of the show being for its intended audience, young girls, the show has been hijacked by adult males.

I think there is a way to appeal to both audiences; the show did initially, after all, which is why bronies exist celestia equestria girl the first place. But now the show caters so much to bronies that the little girls are getting mlp sex twilight over. Bronies are an obscenely self-righteous bunchand that is my issue with them. Now, do I think this problem justifies taking My Little Pony off the air?

I think if the MLP executives stopped listening to their adult male fan base, refocused the show, and went back to its Lauren Faust-penned, Season 1 roots, things would be a lot better. This is not to say that it was all terrible, mind you, and some of my assumptions from the sexy pissy post were certainly proven wrong. With their combined chasing skills, the six younger ponies catch the thief but only momentarily as both the crown and the mysterious celestia equestria girl fall through celestia equestria girl magical mirror.

Also, the mirror which the crown and Sunset fell celestia equestria girl is actually a portal to another world.

Description:A spin-off franchise, My Little Pony: Equestria Girls, was launched in . Examples of Hasbro's influence include having Celestia be a princess rather .. Rainbow Dash was a tomboy, "nowhere in the show is her sexual orientation ""My Little Pony: The Friendship Is Magic" Gains Unexpected Audience – Adults".

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